Tree Removal Lakeway, TX

For hazardous tree removal, Lakeway, TX homes and businesses contact Capitol Tree Care to meet their needs. We are the recognized arborist expert for your local tree care services. When you have trees on your property that you worry may be adversely affected by possible disease, aging, or storm damage, you need to get a professional opinion on the best way to handle the situation. That’s where we come in.

A hazardous tree is defined as a tree with a structural defect that may cause the tree or a portion of the tree to fall on someone or something else of value. According to the law, it is your duty as the homeowner or business owner to exercise caution, good judgment, care, and forethought by inspecting your trees regularly.

You should be able to recognize conditions that may cause your trees to suffer damage such as compromised limbs which are at risk to break off and fall. This can cause property damage and possible injury to people. The dedicated tree care experts at Capitol Tree Care can help you take care of any potential problems with your trees before they become an issue.

Branches that rub together due to growth patterns or damage to the tree can become weak, increasing the odds of a break. Trees can also be damaged by high winds and storm activity, including the excess weight of ice and snow on branches. Even improper pruning can result in damage to tree branches, causing them to break and fall. Trimming away weak or dead limbs gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the trees at your home or business pose no threat to people or property.

If your tree has suffered major damage from any of these events, tree removal in Lakway, TX may be needed.

Regular inspections by a certified professional arborist, combined with proper care and any necessary tree trimming, can help prevent unexpected breakage. We will work with you to achieve the best looking, healthiest, safest trees possible.

As an ISA Certified Arborist-owned company, Capitol Tree Care has the knowledge, experience, and skill to make sure your trees are healthy, strong, and safe, posing no threat of personal injury or property damage. When trees become a threat and it’s time to call a professional for tree removal, Lakewood, TX residents know they can depend on Capitol Tree Care to do the job correctly from inspection to tree stump removal. We have earned a reputation for exceptional service and unsurpassed customer service in our industry, and we deeply appreciate our many loyal customers.

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