Tree Root Collar Exposure Austin TX

Tree Root Collar Exposure Austin TX

Capitol Tree Care offers the best Root Collar Tree Services in Austin TX. Buried root collars are one of the most frequent causes of urban tree decline and death. The root collar is the area at the base of the tree where the trunk joints the roots and creates what we call a root flare that we want to be visible and exposed to the air. Trees planted in improper soils, planted too deep, or with excess soil or mulch covering the root flares can result in girdling root formation. Steel baskets, twine, and rope left around the roots when planted are other frequent causes of girdling root formation which cuts off or restricts the movement of water, stored food reserves, and plant nutrients.

The root flare and trunk of a tree are not programmed to resist constant soil moisture. Since respiration occurs in this area of the tree and wet bark restricts or stops this breathing, Root Collar Exposure is crucial to the health of your tree. If left unattended, the restriction can cause the area to interfere with the downward movement of food to the roots and result in reduced water uptake and root dieback. These trees are more susceptible to stress caused by drought, compaction, insect invasion, and disease infection.

By hiring Capitol Tree Care, you will experience the best Root Collar Exposure Austin TX brings to the table. Our professionals will remove excess soil from the trunks of your trees and the top of the root flares by using a non-invasive specialized Airspade tool that allows us to dig with compressed air causing very little damage to your tree.

Capitol Tree Care is here to help you enhance root development and create the right environment for your trees to flourish.


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