Tree Soil Aeration Services Austin TX

Tree Soil Aeration Services Austin TX

To maintain the health and beauty of your lawn, you need to best soil aeration Austin TX has to offer. Most of us observe the canopy of a tree and pay little attention to what is happening below it. Soil pore space is crucial for infiltration, aeration, and healthy root growth. To understand why tree soil aeration services are necessary, it is essential to comprehend the impact of soil compaction. Soil compaction decreases permeability and reduces the total soil pore space which hurts trees, plants, and grass. Compaction that is left unattended can limit root growth and eventually kill a tree.

Soils become compacted over time through increased rainfall and watering, high foot traffic areas, bike paths, and is very common on construction sites. Heavy materials and equipment being stored on or moving back and forth over the root zone of a tree can be detrimental to the functionality of the tree as soils become compacted.

Fill dirt brought onto sites can also smother roots and cause further compaction. The Aeration process requires using the Airspade tool to excavate 2”-3” diameter holes to a depth of 10”-12”, every few feet within the Critical Root Zone of a tree. These holes will promote proper gaseous exchange to the root system and alleviates compaction within the soils. An additional 2”-4” layer of hardwood mulch over the Critical Root Zone will decrease evaporation rates and help regulate soil temperatures as well.

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