Utility Trenching Services Austin, TX

Utility Trenching Services Austin, TX

More than a third of a tree is hidden underneath the ground. Although you may not see them, roots are the lifeline of your trees. Capitol Tree Care understands the risks of damage to tree roots from construction activities. Roots can be killed during pipe-laying, road alterations, soil compaction, etc. We offer Trenching Services that will protect your roots and avoid stem damage as well as unnecessary soil compaction.

Protecting the Critical Root Zone of a tree while excavating to install underground utilities or plumbing is essential to keep your trees functional and healthy. Capitol Tree Care provides the best Utility Trenching Austin TX has to offer. We follow a strict safety program that protects our staff and the public from potential incidents. If you are planning for construction and utility projects located within proximity to the Critical Root Zone of a tree, then we can help.

Locating underground pipes or electrical lines can be a challenge, particularly if they are situated in a tight area. However, with the right equipment and a knowledgeable technician, your project can be completed without destroying your trees. By using the Air-spade tool to excavate, our tree doctors cause little to no damage to your tree’s roots. This tool allows our tree expert to excavate safely with compressed air, exposing existing utilities and tree roots.

Texas is composed of a variety of soil conditions and knowing how to approach a project is a significant factor in successful Utility Trenching. You can trust in Capitol Tree Care to safely dig around your tree to your required depth without damaging its root system. Call us today to find out more about our Trenching Services.

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