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Tree Climber

All applicants must have a valid U.S. driver’s license, a U.S. social security # or possess the required documents to legally work in the U.S. ISA Certified Arborist or ISA Certified Tree Worker is a plus. Applicants must speak English, but bi-lingual is a plus. Basic knowledge of tree species identification is required.

3-5 years experience required in proper tree pruning techniques, high-risk tree removals and proper climbing & rigging techniques.

Climber Responsibilities:
-Prune and remove trees in accordance with ANSI A300 standards & maintain safe climbing, rigging & work practices
-Install cabling systems in canopies
-Drive vehicle
-Point of contact for the customer during work
-Maintain a safe job-site while motivating crew members
-Maintain communication with office regarding job productivity & completion
-Clean up job-site and maintain tools/equipment

Plant Healthcare Technician

Applicants need to be a self-starter, hard work ethic and have the ability to confidently talk with customers when onsite to complete a job. Valid U.S. driver’s license is required. Must be a legal U.S. citizen or have valid U.S. work visa. Must speak English.

Individual needs to have basic knowledge of tree species identification.

We will train tech on equipment, but previous experience with these tools of the trade are a plus:
-Walk behind, hydraulic stump grinder
-Spray rig used to deep-root feed and/or spray trees
-Airspade tool used for excavation

The responsibilities for this position include:
-Completing work orders in a safe, professional and timely manner
-Communicate with customer while on the job-site
-Communicate with Arborist & Office
-Maintain equipment
-Positive communication skills and attitude

General labor performed by PHC Tech:
-Tree Planting
-Deep-Root Feeding
-Soil Aeration & Root Collar Excavation (Airspade)
-Stump Grinding
-Mulching & Tree Protection installation
-Basic equipment and vehicle maintenance