Tree Stump Removal Austin TX

Tree Stump Removal Austin TX

If you’re looking for the most reliable and professional tree removal Austin TX brings to the table, then look no further than Capitol Tree Care. Although most of us do not like removing trees, it can be necessary if it is deemed hazardous or unsafe to you or your property. If a tree is poorly placed or dead, it can decrease your property value. Large stumps can also be detractors to your home’s aesthetic value and get in the way of new planting. We provide the best tree stump removal and stump grinding services in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Tree Removal in Austin done by Experts

Cutting a tree down involves extreme caution to protect the crew, structures, and other individuals on the property. Our licensed and insured crew members are supplied with the appropriate personal protective equipment to perform each job task professionally and maintain a safe work site. Stumps are a favorite home of bees and termites and can cause many issues. Following a tree removal, you may choose to have your stump ground and turned into hardwood mulch. Capitol Tree Care strives to provide the best stump removal Austin TX offers. We will grind the entire stump and surface roots that are visible above ground, to a depth of 6” – 10” below soil grade.

Cabling & Bracing or Plant Health Care could be the answer before deciding to remove your tree! This process can only be done after corrective pruning to reduce weight on weak systems and decrease the risk of branch or tree failure. If you are ready for your lawn to appear larger and more orderly than before, then you need to call Capitol Tree Care.

WARNING: Removing a tree is a dangerous task and should only be performed by a professional and insured tree service!


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