Austin Ball Moss Removal Austin Mistletoe Removal

Ball Moss & Mistletoe are removed with our pruning techniques. This can also be performed in the remainder of the canopy, as long as it’s in good condition.

Ball Moss Trouble in your Austin Home?

Unlike Mistletoe, Ball Moss is an epiphyte, not a parasite; meaning it gets its nutrients from a combination of sunlight and moisture in the air.  As the amount of ball moss increases, the number of new branch sprouts decreases.  Although ball moss has minimal impact on a tree’s health, the plant attaches to limbs of trees for structural purposes and can be unsightly, which is why many of our customers are curious about removing it.  If left unattended, it can become a serious problem by overloading your tree’s under branches and concentrating on dead or dying branches.  Crown Thinning will promote airflow and light penetration throughout the entire canopy, but Ball Moss Removal will reduce stress and improve the overall aesthetics of your property

Mistletoe Removal in Austin

Mistletoe is quite different than Ball Moss.  It is a parasite that lives by taking nutrients from the tree it attaches to and causes it stress.  Although it may not be the cause of tree failure, it can cause the loss of major limbs if severely infected.  Heavily infested trees may be stunted, reduced in vigor, or even killed; especially if they are stressed by other common problems found in Texas such as drought.  Our team of Austin Tree Experts recommend ball moss removal as well as mistletoe removal when trimming your trees.

Don’t wait until your mistletoe produces seeds and spreads to other limbs or trees. Capitol Tree Care provides the most efficient pruning methods for effective removal. Our arborists are experienced and well trained to recognize, diagnose and treat your trees.

If you are in need of ball moss removal or mistletoe removal, then give us a call.

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