Tree Pruning & Trimming in Austin 

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Pruning is necessary to prevent insect and decay organisms from entering your trees. Capitol Tree Care includes Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming services of various types as part of our Tree Care services in Austin, TX to accommodate the needs of our customers as well as the needs of your trees. Correct pruning & tree trimming will stimulate growth in sparse areas of your tree’s canopy and maintain its natural form. As trees get older, weak crotches split apart which breaks and tears the wood. Damaged, diseased, or dead branches should be removed as soon as possible by cleaning the crown.

Need Tree Trimming & Prunning in Austin?

Capitol Tree Care offers crown cleaning, crown raising, crown thinning, crown reduction and vista pruning services to Austin TX and the surrounding areas to make sure we provide all the tree trimming & pruning services you need to protect your investments. Crown raising is typically done to clear roads, buildings, or sidewalks by removing lower limbs to allow the necessary clearance. Crown reduction is done to decrease the overall size of your tree’s canopy and curtail the windsail. Crown thinning is typically done to restore the view through the tree and involves the removal of small live branches throughout the inside of the tree.

Austin, TX has some of the most beautiful views in the United States. Vista Pruning restores views better than any other techniques. Our certified arborists possess the proper experience, knowledge and education to provide the best tree care Austin, TX has to offer. We will come to your property to assess your trees and provide you with a proper solution. Here at Capitol Tree Care, we strive to keep you, your property, and our crew as safe as possible.

We offer the following tree pruning services:


Pruning to remove any diseased, dead, detached, broken or stubbed limbs, Mistletoe and Ball Moss.
Benefits: Reduce the spread of disease throughout the rest of the tree, allows tree to use resources on healthy/live tissue, aesthetics.


Tree Pruning & Trimming to selectively remove branches to provide vertical clearance.
Benefits: Provide clearance over right-of-ways, structures (keep pests out of attics), yards, walkways, aesthetics.


Pruning to selectively remove small live branches to reduce crown density.
Benefits: Allow more sunlight penetration to your landscaping below, promotes proper air movement through the canopy to prevent fungal activity and upheaval of the tree in high winds, prevent limb breaks, aesthetics.


Pruning to selectively remove branches and stems to decrease the height and/or spread of the canopy.
Benefits: Prevent branches from encroaching on structures and other trees, provides a view, aesthetics.


Pruning to provide a view.
Benefits: Aesthetics and provides a specific view.


If you are in need of professional tree pruning & tree trimming in Austin, TX, contact Capitol Tree Care today.

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