Proposal Acceptance & Billing Structure
Capitol Tree Care, LLC provides the customer with an estimate for service(s) which outlines the scope of work proposed/recommended. Upon acceptance of the estimate and job terms, the customer is required to sign the proposal to formally accept and schedule service(s). Following service, the customer will be provided an invoice in which the customer is provided 7 days from the date of the invoice to pay the balance in full. Proposals comprised of multiple services are invoiced following each individual service in which the customer is given 7 days from the invoice date to pay the balance in full. All delinquent payments over 7 days from the invoice date are subject to late payment fees as outlined in Capitol Tree Care, LLC’s Terms of Service.

Any proposals requiring a deposit or pre-payment are not scheduled until Capitol Tree Care, LLC receives payment from the customer. Upon cancellation of service(s) following a deposit or pre-payment, the customer may or may not receive a refund. Refer to Capitol Tree Care, LLC’s Refund Policy to learn more.

Forms of Payment
Capitol Tree Care, LLC accepts all major credit & debit cards, checks, money orders and cash. Payment may be made electronically online through company website or sent to Capitol Tree Care mailing address. Refer to for more details.

Upon acceptance of a proposal, the customer is required to sign the proposal to agree to the scope of work and terms outlined. After receiving a signed copy of the proposal, a representative from Capitol Tree Care, LLC will contact the customer within 2 business days to schedule service(s). Service dates vary based on the current work backlog and availability. Customers are serviced in the order in which they approve work by signature.

Late Payments
Customer’s are given 7 days from the invoice date to pay in full for services rendered by Capitol Tree Care, LLC. If payment is delinquent past 7 days from the invoice date, a $50 fee will be added each additional 30 days the invoice is left unpaid. This fee will begin on the 8th day following the invoice date and will recur every 30 days following until the customer’s overdue balance is paid in full. Unpaid balances are pursued by Capitol Tree Care, LLC in which a lien may be placed on the customer’s property, the customer may be sent to collections or possible litigation.

Job Interim Charge Caps
For larger projects/jobs, Capitol Tree Care, LLC reserves the right to place a interim charge cap on the job prior to service. This cap is agreed upon by Capitol Tree Care, LLC and the customer prior to the start of service. The cap will be outlined in the proposal to which the customer agrees. The dollar amount and length of service for each cap must be paid in full on the agreed upon date or the job may be suspended until the balance is paid. Upon payment, the job may be scheduled and resume completion. If the cap is reached, a invoice will be provided to the customer in which the customer is given 7 days from the date of the invoice to pay the balance in full. If the balance remains unpaid, late fees are applied as outlined in the Late Payment section of Capitol Tree Care, LLC’s Terms of Service.

Termination of Services by Client
Customers reserve the right to cancel service(s) without any fees or repercussions with the exception of cancellations made within 24 hours of their scheduled service date or after 5 PM on the Friday before a Monday service day. Any jobs canceled within 24 hours of their service date or after 5 PM on the Friday before a Monday service day, incurs a cancellation fee of 25% of total service cost, including sales tax.

Refer to Capitol Tree Care, LLC’s Refund Policy for any potential refunds due to a pre-paid service or a service(s) deposit.

Ownership Rights
Upon approval from the customer, Capitol Tree Care, LLC may take pictures or video of any completed service(s) for marketing purposes. Capitol Tree Care, LLC retains ownership rights of these media and retains the right to post these media on Capitol Tree Care, LLC’s social networking profiles/pages and on the companies website.

Project Termination initiated by Capitol Tree Care
In the unlikely event that some mishap, illness or accident occurs that causes Capitol Tree Care, LLC to terminate the service/job, Capitol Tree Care, LLC will notify the customer to plan a course of action to positively cease the contract or agreed upon service. Capitol Tree Care, LLC also reserves the right to deny service to a customer for any reason. In either case, if a balance remains, Capitol Tree Care, LLC is due the balance for the service(s) that were completed up to the date of the service/job termination. If any deposit or pre-payments were paid by the customer, a refund may or may not be due to the customer. Please refer to Capitol Tree Care, LLC’s Refund Policy for more information.

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