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Arborist Consultations Austin TX

Capitol Tree Care is proud to offer the best arborist consultations TX brings to the table.  Our well-trained and skilled specialists are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are properly equipped to provide expert care and advice.  Well-cared-for trees are appealing and can be an asset to your property.  Contrarily, poorly maintained trees can be a serious liability and decrease your property value.  As a trusted arborist in the City of Austin, we provide well trained and experienced tree experts who quickly diagnose and treat trees that have developed problems or safety issues.

Tree health can be impacted by climate, insects, disease and influences by man. Most instances of a stressed or declining tree can be attributed to a combination of influences. Taking a proactive approach to your trees health can improve overall health and vigor thereby increasing your trees defense against negative impact.

Capitol Tree Care is a full-service tree care company serving Austin TX and the surrounding areas.  Our Certified Arborist is ready to perform Tree Risk Assessments to determine the condition of your trees and to evaluate any potential risks posed to you and your property. We are your number one City of Austin Arborist.  Contact us for your next Arborist Consultation!

City of Austin Arborist

Our priority is to help protect your investment and keep assets safe and healthy. Our arborist inspections in the Austin area are thorough and complete to find the issues within your trees. We look for disease, safety issues, and more to ensure your investments are adding value to your property, not hurting it.


Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Forest Sciences: Texas A&M University
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist: TX-3593A
  • Texas Oak Wilt Certified : TOWC-0269
  • ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor

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