Capitol Tree Care, LLC provides our customers access to our refund policy to help deliver the best quality service.

Capitol Tree Care, LLC provides tree care services that are non refundable following the completion of the service. All customers are provided a proposal with an explanation of the scope of work and any stipulations required by the service prior to the service date. Services completed are non refundable and financial compensation as agreed upon within the proposal is due within 7 days of the invoice date.

If a customer has paid a deposit on any job materials and the customer cancels service, the customer may or may not be issued a refund. If the materials are non refundable to the vendor in which they were purchased, the customer has the right to claim the materials as long as the deposit covers the total material cost or if the difference is paid in full to Capitol Tree Care, LLC. Any delivery of materials to the customer’s location of choice is subject to a delivery fee to to be determined by Capitol Tree Care, LLC.

In the event a service is partially or completely paid for in advance and cancelled at a later date, a refund shall be issued to the customer. If the customer cancels service within 24 hours of their scheduled service date, a cancellation fee of 25% of total service cost, plus sales tax, is due to Capitol Tree Care, LLC.

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