Organic Plant Healthcare Program Austin TX

Most tree and plant health issues begin below ground. Your trees require a healthy soil capable of holding water and oxygen. Urban soils are often challenged with nutrient processing barriers, severe infiltration problems, and compaction issues. These initial stressors can invite insect problems or other diseases. Capitol Tree Care offers the best Organic Healthcare Program Austin TX brings to the table. Our Root and Soil Management Techniques provide a sustainable way to create healthy soils. Soils with beneficial microorganisms and adequate oxygen will maintain the proper soil biology needed to help your plants and trees thrive.

Soil biology plays a significant role in feeding and protecting your shrubs and trees from unwanted pests. Chemical Tree and Shrub Programs pump the plants full of nitrogen, which causes them to grow rapidly and create large leaf surfaces. Those big leaves have fewer defenses and are tasty to pests. Capitol Tree Care’s organic health care program consists of building the soil organically through the applications of our organic liquid compost extract to improve your soil biology. Our extract is made from 100% natural ingredients found in high-quality finished compost. Our experts will identify damaging pests and treat your plants using biological controls and organic insecticides.

Capitol Tree Care’s Organic Plant Health Care Program, consists of four seasonal visits which allow us to keep a close eye on your trees all year ­round and maintain their health. Our goal is to build the overall health of your landscape from the roots up.

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    1. Spring deep root feeding with organic LCE
  • Summer foliar spray with organic LCE
  • Fall deep-root feeding with organic LCE
  • Winter foliar spray with organic Neem Oil

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