oak wilt management

Tree Care in Austin Texas Specializing in Oak Wilt

Central Texas is in danger of losing their gorgeous Live Oak and Red Oak (Spanish oak) trees to a terrible vascular fungus called Ceratocystis fagacearum, commonly known as Oak Wilt. Oak Wilt is a destructive fungal disease that targets the vascular system and will almost always cause the death of the tree. This fungus is quite contagious because it spreads primarily via the water conducting root system of nearby trees through root grafting. In order to suppress the spread of Oak wilt, there are important precautions that must be taken when approaching tree care in Austin, Texas.

As it starts to get warmer and you look to spruce up your landscaping, please keep in mind that you should avoid pruning on Red Oaks and Live Oaks between February 1 through June 30. This is important because the Nitidulid Beetle transfers the spores from an infected tree to a healthy tree as they feed on the sugars emitted from fresh wounds. There are only a few possible exceptions to this seasonal rule, such as pruning to correct a safety hazard and providing clearance from structures and right-of-ways. If your healthy oak tree is wounded or pruned at any time of the year it is absolutely crucial to paint that area with wound dressing or latex paint immediately to suppress the possibility of spreading the disease to other trees.

Oak Wilt can also be transmitted when pruning tools are improperly sterilized by improperly certified tree care companies. Capitol Tree Care in Austin, Texas is 100% dedicated to the prevention and suppression of Oak Wilt, therefore we can guarantee the absolute best treatment of your trees with top of the line tools and sanitation practices. We seal all tree wounds and sanitize our equipment both before we begin and in between trees. While there is no cure for Oak Wilt yet, there are certain fungicides that our Certified Arborists can inject to salvage infected oaks.

If you suspect a tree, or group of trees is suffering from Oak Wilt, please call us  to come take a look. We are the premier tree care service Austin, Texas has to offer. It can be difficult to diagnose Oak Wilt on your because the symptoms often look similar to drought symptoms. Our ISA Certified Arborist is also Texas Oak Wilt Certified and can make an expert diagnosis on the status of your trees as well as treatment options. Capitol Tree Care strives to provide you with the absolute best in Austin tree Services!