How to Keep Your Mature Trees Healthy

Mature trees offer many valuable benefits to personal and commercial property with their vibrant greenery. Sometimes we take mature trees for granted, however, since they need very little help from us to maintain their health. Severe weather such as drought, ice and snow, thunderstorms, and strong winds can affect the health and strength of our trees, but there are steps we can take to ensure our mature trees stay resilient and robust for generations to come.

The Arbor Day Foundation has some great tips on how to maintain the health of your tree population. First, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the trees on your property, and be aware of their particular needs. How much water does your tree need, for instance? Is the natural rainfall in your area enough to sustain the tree, or do you need to supplement with watering during times of drought?

Soil and proper placement are important for tree health, as well. If you are not 100% certain your tree is planted where conditions are ideal for its growth, consult with Capitol Tree Care’s Certified Austin Arborist, James Burtchell. An industry expert, James and his team can assess your tree’s needs and make recommendations for providing optimal care, including relocation if necessary.

Since the root system of your tree is vital to its overall healthy, protecting those roots should be at the top of your list of tree care activities. Healthy roots equal healthy trees, and to be healthy root systems need water, oxygen, and proper soil conditions. If soil is compacted, water and oxygen cannot get to the roots. Mulching around your trees or planting shade-tolerant ground cover that can act as “living mulch” can help maintain healthy soil that will nourish your trees.

Find out what your tree is sensitive to, such as high winds, drought conditions, too much water, root competition from surrounding plants, or salt spray if you’re near a coast. If you know what your trees are sensitive to and can avoid exposing them to these factors, your trees will thank you by thriving.

Just as what is underground (roots) are vital to your tree’s health, so is what is above ground; namely, the tree bark. Think of tree bark as the protective armor your tree wears to defend it from the elements and man-made dangers such as lawn equipment and vehicles.

Proper tree pruning will help keep branches from rubbing together or becoming overcrowded within the canopy. Winter time is a great time of year to prune trees before new spring growth appears. If you need tree trimming services, give Capitol Tree Care a call at (512) 913-6833. Our experts can determine what the trees on your property need to be their vibrant, vigorous best.